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Debitkad Pun Boleh Buat Duit

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Here is another scam from the same sender, Dr. Razi (, who earlier sent me the email on VemmaBuilder ( refer to post Make money online to more 40 country ) . Becareful guys!

Selamat Sejahtera

Jika anda ingin mengubah masa depan dan ingin ada perniagan sendiri

Sila daftar sebagai ahli e-dagang , Anda akan diberi tunjuk ajar bagai mana mahu memulakan perniaga internet yang SAH dan di daftarkan di Malaysia .

Make money online to more 40 country

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Long time i have not update this site, but it doesn’t mean i didn’t receive email scams during this period. Here is one i keep receiving and so annoying.

Email content:


Free Register:

Fastest Growing Team of 2010!
Thank you,
Dr. Razi

Monday, 17 May, 2010

which will bring you to . Once again, i like to define it as scam. Reason? Simple as it is! If you found a way to make you rich without doing much work, would you like to share with anyone? You probably not!

Vemma make your rich? (Part 2)

Monday, September 14th, 2009

After some times, i received another email that taught me how to save my tax. Well, i have not start earning anything yet (at least i don’t receive any cheque or any amound of money being credited into my bank account). So, just ignore this email again.

Anyway, let see what was written in the email.

Boy, am I going to enjoy tax time!¬† I’m even looking forward to filing next April.¬† Heck, I might even
frame my tax return and hang it in my home office. That’s how big I think my refund’s going to be.

What cured my dread of the Form 1040?  Joining VemmaBuilder and reading a report written by Tax
Attorney Mary Sprouse.  According to her, the ultimate tax shelter is your own business.

Her tax information is so valuable, it wouldn’t be right not to share it.¬† Wait until you read the scoop
on the awesome tax benefits you’ll enjoy beginning the day you join me in my VemmaBuilder business.

Here are just some of the highlights of Mary’s report:

Mary writes, “Whether you build your business part- time or full-time, Sinkalan, you’ll enjoy tax
benefits no ‘wage slave’ ever did.¬† A small business is the little guy’s tax shelter.¬† Business owners get
tax benefits for all kinds of expenditures forbidden to employees.

When you’re the boss, instead of the employee, Uncle Sam picks up part of the tax check.¬† We’ve been
conditioned to share our profits with the government. Now you can share expenses, too.”

Mary Sprouse, the Tax Editor of MONEY magazine for six years, writes that if you’re actively building
your business:

“1. Previously nondeductible personal expenses can become wholly or partially deductible: even your home
or apartment, car, education, computer, meals, and entertainment.

2. Amounts you pay for your VemmaBuilder Membership and the cost to purchase qualified Pre-Enrollees from
a lead company or for other advertising are 100% deductible.  In fact, purchasing leads and
advertising proves you’re actively trying to build your business – a key factor looked at by the IRS in
determining deductibility.

3. You can pay family members a salary for working in your business.  This lets you shift income to
relatives in lower tax brackets.¬† The result: you reduce your family’s overall tax bill.

4. Travel and vacations can qualify in whole or in part as deductible business expenses.  For example, a
business meeting in Las Vegas can be written off, even if you make a nondeductible side trip to the
Grand Canyon.¬† That should take some of the sting out of that strip search at the airport.”

And that’s not all.¬† According to Mary Sprouse, there are plenty of other tax benefits you can enjoy by
owning your own VemmaBuilder home-based business. For more deductible details, First, go to:
1. Click on “VemmaBuilder Members and Pre-enrollees
click here to login”
2. Your Login ID is – 22957265
3. Your Password is – 55389
4. Then click on “Tax Benefits.”

“With all the extra write-offs,” Mary says, “you can actually earn less than you did punching a time clock
and still come out ahead after taxes.”

Take it from Mary, when you see your first tax return as a business owner, you’ll know becoming a
VemmaBuilder Member was the best tax-saving decision you ever made.

Why wait Sinkalan?  Start saving taxes today, by upgrading to Member NOW.  Go to:

Vemma make you rich? (Part 1)

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Lately, i was so free and got nothing do, so i typed “cepat kaya” in Google, which returned me lot of Google Adsense. Looking at the adsense, most of them are talked abut Vemma. Don’t know what the hell is that, and curios on it, i clicked on the ads and start signing up to see what the hell is that!

Well, it is just a normal signup, not even ask for my credit card or bank account. Then, an account was created for me. Then i received below email

Dear XXX:

Congratulations, and welcome to VemmaBuilder.  We want to sincerely thank you for visiting our
VemmaBuilder website and registering to look over our  NO RISK OFFER.


Your temporary ID # is: xxxxxxxx
Your temporary Password is: xxxxx

Please write these two numbers down, or save them in your computer.  You will need to enter both when you
access the website we’ve set up for your use.

You can login to your VemmaBuilder FREE TOUR account  at:

What is VemmaBuilder?¬† Well, it’s simply the most incredible, automated, online Internet-based business
opportunity you will ever run across on the Web. When you become a VemmaBuilder Paid Member, you can
begin to build a successful business from the comfort of your own home.  You can work your business either
part-time or full-time.

VemmaBuilder is a proven system, used profitably by thousands of entrepreneurs just like you.
VemmaBuilder’s state-of-the-art technology has been designed to make even a computer novice feel like
Bill Gates.  Simply point and click to be in business!

To start you off, we have given you a FREE position in our explosively growing SuccessLine.¬† We’ve given
you an honorary title, too: Pre-Enrollee!  The fact is, you could already be earning money by virtue of
your enrolled position in the SuccessLine!¬† How?¬† Our program rewards teamwork.¬† It’s to everyone’s
monetary advantage to work together.  That means Paid Members positioned above you in the SuccessLine are
pooling their efforts at this very moment to place Pre-Enrollees below you!

Every time a Pre-Enrollee (that is, a potential Paid Member) is placed under you in the SuccessLine, you
will receive an email saying something like, “Stop the Presses!¬† Your SuccessLine is Growing!”¬† Whenever
any of these Pre-Enrollees below you decide to “upgrade” to Paid Member, you will receive a
notification email that exclaims, “You’ve Got Money Waiting!”¬† These emails are your proof that our
system works.

To Rapidly Explode Your Business, immediately send your family, friends, colleagues, and other contacts
to YOUR VERY OWN PERSONAL recruiting web page:

Check it out!

Go to:

Enter your temporary ID # and Password to explore the site.  Browse through all of the menu selections.
Answers to the most common questions can be found on the Help page.

Again, thank you for enrolling in VemmaBuilder.  We are eager to work with you in achieving your hopes
and dreams.

-Your VemmaBuilder Support Team

You are receiving this email, because you signed up
for a free test drive of the VemmaBuilder system.  To
stop future emails, please use the link below:
Or send a letter requesting to be opted out to:
VemmaBuilder, 19360 Rinaldi St., #305, Northridge, CA

This email copyright 2004-2008.  All rights reserved.

Lot more to go, please see Part 2.